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Glushu for distance when you can't nail.

Big thank you to Denver and his human Mikayla for sharing their Glushu story.

Glushu glue on horse shoes are all terrain and all weather making them the perfect choice for long distance and endurance riders. If you have any questions about how Glushu could benefit your horse please contact us :)

From Owner Mikayla Nunn.

" This is my wonderful horse Denver, he is a 12 year old speed racking horse (so he’s gaited). I purchased GluShus to help with hoof problems.

After Denver lost a shoe I allowed someone else pull his shoes and barefoot trim him (I’m his farrier). The individual had him walking completely flat on his sole and did not leave enough wall for me to nail a steel shoe on so I tried hoof boots. Unfortunately, he was still four legged lame with the boots so I started researching glue on shoes. All of the options I could find covered too much sole and I was afraid he’d still be lame in them. Looking at their flexible design I decided to try GluShu.

The shoeing process it is so much easier than nailing on shoes. I have back problems and my horse gets anxious with his back feet when nailing. Glushu is quiet and quick so I save my back and Denver remains completely calm during shoeing.

We are so happy with Glushu. Denver was completely sound as soon as the Glushu were fitted. Within 24 hours we rode 5 miles and he was still totally sound.

I’ve rode 65miles in my first set (had to take off because I didn’t use enough glue) Second set has made it almost 70 miles in the first two weeks, 50 of the miles being an at a mountainy endurance ride and they’re still on tight.

I can 100% recommend Glushu for their ease of fitting, durability and cushion."

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