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Owner Review: Glushu for Eventing.

We have lots of horses all over the world using Glushu glue on horse shoes in competition. From dressage, to show jumping to barrel racing and endurance Glushu are fast becoming the preferred choice for equestrian competitor across the world.

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From Heather Maxwell.

"This is Patrick (AKA Aghagallon) who is now 12 years old. Patrick had an unfortunate start in life and was extremely nervous of humans which resulted in him being unridden until he was 10 years old. I am a strong believer in barefoot so when he started competing last year, I looked for a solution that would allow studs, provide grip and not be detrimental to his feet.

Having tried numerous plastic shoes which didn’t solve the grip issue, I came upon Glushu glue on horseshoes this summer.

They went on in July. The first application was a little trial and error and we lost one within three weeks during which time he competed at Tattersals Eventing Ireland and came third!

The next application was much smoother, and these are still in place 5 weeks later.

The pictures show him at the Eventing Ireland National Championships in Cork where he just missed the ribbons and came 7th in the EI100 class.

The horse has good feet but in using Glushu they get to function as naturally as possible, he gets to have good grip in our ground which being Ireland is usually wet and slippy and there is some protection against concussion.

Great shoes all round, Thank you.

100% recommend.


Heather Maxwell."

glushu glue on horse shoes for eventing

glushu glue on horse shoes for eventing

glushu glue on horse shoes for eventing

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