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Mini Glushu for laminitis.

Thank you to our friends at Glue U in the Netherlands for sharing this amazing Glushu Minis success story. A big shout out also to expert farrier Tom Huslemans for the brilliant work he has done with this horse.

If you are in Europe and want to know more about Glushu visit

From Sven Stolck.

"Check out this pony having a combination of WLD and laminitis! A tilted coffin bone thrown in for good measure.

Since nailing was very risky and the vet wanted to keep the hoofwall as solid as possible the vet chose to have the farrier apply a mini Glushu for this young animal.

The farrier (Hoefsmederij Tom Hulselmans) chose to combine the mini Glushu with a pad and Shufill Hoofpacking to reduce as much as possible stress on the sole. The damaged toe is kept open to assure daily disinfection and cleaning. Tom used the Glue-U pre-fix set to put down the foot asap again. Mini Glushu is glued on with Glue-U Shufit acrylic glue.

The pony, who could hardly walk and was advised by the vet for euthanasia, started walking quite normal again just a few moments after Tom finished his job.

MINI GLUSHU 5 weeks later

Now 5 weeks later both pony and mini Glushu are in top condition. See pics and videos below.

After a few days the owner was able to stop giving pain killers. Today, about 5 weeks after the treatment the pony is trotting again, doesn't seem to experience any pain and the mini Glushu is still wall-tight on the hoofs. May 1st the mini Glushu will be replaced.

Warda van der Heide Hoefsmederij Tom Hulselmans: Thank you very much for your trust in our products and sharing this fantastic result. Glue-U and Glushu wish you all the best with the pony's full recovery.

Are you in Europe and want to learn more about Glue-U or Glushu products. Contact us and we'll assist you in the best choice of products for your situation + find the dealer in your area.


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