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Farrier review: Glushu for fragile feet.

Thank you to Crazy Horse and his farrier Wilfried Darney Maréchalerie for sharing their Glushu story, it is fantastic to see Crazy Horse doing so well. Find more of Wilfrieds work on facebook.

If your horse has hoof problems that are exacerbated by regular shoeing order Glushu today from our online store or your local farrier supply.

If you would like to discuss how Glushu can help your horses specific hoof problems please contact us –

From Wilfried Darney Maréchalerie:

"This is my client 8 year old mare Crazy Horse.

She regularly rides on difficult terrain. Unfortunately she has thin walls and her hooves are very fragile. Over many years she has tended to defer with a classic shoe which resulted in more damaged to her feet.

I was looking for an alternative to traditional shoeing and found Glushu via their website and Youtube channel. I really thought Glushu would be a suitable answer for this mare, so I ordered a set through my usual farrier supply store.

Glushu are so easy to fit and I found the application videos on the website and youtube very helpful. Glushu allow you to manage several situations that can be more delicate with a classic fitting.

The results of Glushu on this mare are excellent. She does not break in anymore, her feet can grow without being damaged. Within 2 fitting cycles with Glu Shu, I expect she should have strong enough feet to switch back to a conventional fitting.

Absolutely every blacksmith should have Glu Shu with them, it helps in many situations."

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