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Farrier Report: Show Jumper with de-lamination.

Big thank you to expert farrier Ian Gajczak for sharing his experience of using Glushu on a horse with de-lamination. To see more of Ians work please visit his Facebook page by clicking here.

Glushu can help with many hoof conditions. If you would like to discuss your hoof problems and how Glushu can help with our experts please contact us

Glushu are available world wide from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

From Ian:

“This is my latest Glushu work on a Junior Riders show jumping horse rescue case.

The mare has some significant de-lamination issues with the hoof wall (white line intact and appears healthy). The horse is relatively new to the owner so we are still trying to work out the reason for de-lamination.

The horse and rider were set to compete in a schools team event and neither myself or the owner trusted the regular shoes to remain in place whilst away from home so I applied a set of GluShu shoes to see her through.

Glushu are great for support during remedial care.”

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