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Owner Review: Glushu for lame jumper.

Big thank you to Lynx and her human Kristie for sharing their Glushu story. We are delighted to see her back up and jumping!

Glushu can help with many hoof conditions. If you would like to discuss your hoof problems and how Glushu can help with our experts please contact us

Glushu are available world wide from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

From owner Kristie:

"This is Lynx she is a 19 year old Quarter Horse (pony). She is my daughter’s jumper.

Early 2019 she came up lame. We had been treating a toe crack and her foot had basically stopped growing, my farrier suggested we get radio graphs. My farrier, Laura Gillespie, met me at the vet clinic where we had the rads done, there was a dark spot at the tip of her coffin bone. Laura (and another farrier) discussed this with the vet and decided to do some digging. They got it all cleaned out (suspected keratoma). They got it all cleaned out and we went to shoes with pads.

She did great for about a year then, the crack returned as did the lameness. We had come out of the pads a few cycles prior. She went back in pads but again, the foot wasn’t growing well.

We had discussed Glu Shu’s because Lynx couldn’t keep a shoe on that foot. So, the next time Laura was out, we opted to give them a try. It did take Lynx a couple of days to get accustomed to them but now, she’s absolutely amazing (we’re actually hoping to get them in pink for the next time!!). Laura did all the work, I think she’s the best and always take her advice (we have another mare that may be going in GluShus next cycle).

I would absolutely recommend!"

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