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Update: Glushu for Tender Foot ex Racehorse.

Thanks to Simon Millar from Redwings Horse Sanctuary who has sent us an update from tender footed ex racing horse Hadrian who is enjoying his retirement in the comfort of Glushu glue on horse shoes.

If you have any questions about using Glushu please do not hesitate to contact us – You can order Glushu from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

From Simon.

“New GluShu’s for Hadrian, these amazing Shu’s helped during the summer when Zoe does more road work and jumping. They last 6-8 weeks and support the foot growth with the unique bonding Glue.

They are rubber covered lightweight Aluminium with pre drilled Stud holes. We just put them on his weaker walled fronts renewing the 2nd set in just under two months.

Hadrian has been using Glushu for more than a year now and we can whole heartedly recommend them for any horse with tender feet”

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