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Farrier Report: Glushu for protection.

Thank you to the gang at Horseclue for sharing their experiences of using Glushu glue on horse shoes. Please take the time to visit their social media pages and website

“This is my 9 year old Lusitano Gladiador. He came to Norway from Portugal last fall, and has been wearing normal shoes his whole life.

We discovered GluShu’s about 3 years ago when we were looking for alternatives to shoes and boots for our horses and our customers horses in winter here in Norway. We contacted Sue and we have been distributors for GluShu ever since.

Our hoof trimmer has now sold and shoed a lot of horses with these shoes and get better results than ever before.

She has shod horses for the Norwegian winter, helped horses (and ponies) with laminitis issues and is now planning to make work shop’s for “how to shoe with GluShu” so the customers can get comfortable doing it themselves.

Going back to the horse in the picture, Gladiador; we’ve been trying to get him ready to be a bare hoofed horse. However due to sensitivity to normal shoes and nails he needed time to grow a stronger hoof without being punctured by nails. We used Glushu for 5 months to build up his hoof and he has been “pain free” without shoes all summer.

Soon he’s getting his winter shoes so he can be trained safely through the Norwegian winter without weakening his hoof wall with normal stud shoes.

We’re extremely grateful for getting in contact with GluShu and that we became distributors 3 years ago, it’s a really great concept which are very popular with customers.

To see all of our work please follow us on Instagram @horseclue_ and Facebook. You can also find out more about our services at our website

Jannie and Ronja.”

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