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Farrier Report: Glushu for abscess.

Thank you to expert farrier Forging Forward LLC for another fantastic Glushu report. The cushion provided by Glushu glue on horseshoes make them a great solution for horses suffering with abscesses. Be sure to check out Forging Forward on Facebook to see more of their great work.

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

From Forging Forward.

“Another glue shoe in the books!

This horse came to us with chronic abscess in the medial toe quarter. X-rays showed a cavity.

I have used Glushu on many cases and I knew they would benefit this horse immensely.

A great feature of Glushu is how easy they are to modify. Here I floated the toe of the shoe and trimmed the GluShu tabs to allow the cavity to be opened up. I included frog support pad and pour in packing to provide heel support.

This set up will allow the client to treat the area of issue better while relieving pressure to the toe and abscess tract.

The pink stuff is play dough used to prevent the pour in packing from going where I didn’t want it to go.”

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