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Farrier Report: Glushu for Club foot

Thank you to expert farrier Ulrich Gerusel for another fantastic Glushu report. Ulrich is an expert at dealing with extremely difficult hoof conditions – we are so glad that Glushu have become an essential part of his tool kit.

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse order today from our online store or if you have any questions about Glushu glue on horse shoes please get in touch

From Ulrich

“Please see photos below from a foal client who I treated with GluShu with toe extension for the club hoof.

For this tiny horse I used 95 GluShu glued with Shufix, let the toe protrude by 2cm, then fill it with Shufix toe.

Please note: Glue-on shoes for foals should never remain on the horse for more than 14 days.

The capsule grows too quickly and would severely constrict the hooves. Machining at short intervals is essential.

We have high hope that Glushu is the perfect solution for this tricky case.

Please visit my facebook page for more of my Glushu work.”


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