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Farrier Report: Glushu for founder.

Thank you to expert farrier Joel Brown for another fantastic Glushu report. Be sure to check out Joel on Facebook to see more of their great work.

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

From Joel Brown.

“How do you view conformation?

August 13/22 - July 16/23 (11 months)

1) Collage 1

Right fore

Left-pre 1st shoeing -7/22 rad

Right- post 6th shoeing -7/23 rad

2) Collage 2

Left fore

Left-pre 1st shoeing - 7/22 rad

Right-post 6th shoeing - 7/23 rad

Can P3 seek a new horizon?

Will your trim and shoeing mechanics influence conformation?

A year’s timeline on a founder case, we have lowered the PA 7 degrees to date, restored sole depth and are decreasing the lamellar wedge and restoring more functional proportions.

The added change has been a more axial balance to the fores; from a substantial carpus valgus presentation to considerably closer to what’s appropriate.

So will P3 seek a new horizon, given the opportunity?

In what I work on daily, yes BUT it’s all in the trim and the shoeing package and how you set both up to influence the horse’s ability to use it’s

Image 3

Her preferred posture after the first shoeing package

Image 4

Her preferred posture after the 7th shoeing package.

Image 5

Shoeing package utilized in the first 6 cycles.

Image 6

Shoeing package in the 7th shoeing.

All Incorporate a rolled toe, initially set up more as a rocker style, lessening over time in palmar length as the proportions improved and the laminitic foot gathered and defined structures.

Chamfered heels have been consistently used to ease the heel engagement in the stance phase.

Overall, utilizing leverage testing, she’s never hesitated to sit back into her heels as her PA has adjusted.

Time and her internal soft tissue foundational conformation will define her preferred PA.

Can, will you work influence conformation in a horse once the epiphyseal plates close?

That will depend if you restore and rehabilitate soft tissue in your work.


n my daily work, yes P3 will seek a new balanced horizon given the opportunity.

Image 8 - proofs in the radiographs, Abby’s one happy young mare. Written off as a rotational founder w/ no future, her future is improving with every passing month as her feet remodel and rebuild, changing her conformation, posture, hoof balance and proportions.

When you listen to the line “it’s just that way, you can’t change that.”

Most times, it’s just a person telling you straight up, the end of their experience and knowledge.

AND that’s not a bad thing, NOT EVERYONE KNOWS, you just have to figure it out, just like with the horse; WHATS that mean? AND what’s the best path?

With a horse, if they don’t understand…… just ask it in a way they do understand.

With humans, you have to find the truth as it’s muddled up in ego, self promotion, all that …….

The truth, lies with the horse.

Figuring out the right answer means the world to the horse……

Just ask Abby.


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