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Farrier Report: Glushu glue on horse shoes for lameness.

Big thank you to Kirsten Melis at Painted Park Hoofcare for sharing these great before and after pictures of a client who came to them with unexplained on going lameness. The before and after pictures show their fantastic Glushu work and it is great to hear this horse may get to race again.

To see more of Kirsten’s work please visit and like their Facebook page here: Painted Park Hoofcare and their website here

If you would like to try Glushu glue on horse shoes for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

From Kirsten Melis:

“This horse presented with an ongoing lameness. Nothing from the outside of the leg appeared to be wrong apart from a warm fetlock and foot. The owners initial thought were some arthritic changes in the fetlock as this horse has raced.

The vets came out to take some xrays and revealed there was a rather significant hole in the wall with a lot of debris (a shoeing nail fitted right into it), possibly causing pressure and making the gelding lame.

The hole was carefully dug out, cleaned and the horse was sound!

To give the foot some support and stabilize it, we put a Glushu on him so he can continue his ridden work.

The GluShu is a aluminium shoe coated in rubber with cuffs for glueing on. A great shoe for daily work or in this case also a remedial shoe.

We are very positive that this horse will be able to race again.


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