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Farrier Review: Glushu for laminitis.

Thanks to the gang at Huf Reha Team for sharing their fantastic Glushu work helping a horse with sensitive soles and laminitis. Be sure to check out more of their work on their Facebook Page.

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

From Huf-Reha Team

“Hi again, we wanted to share a Haflinger client that has become familiar to us over the years.

We have been with him since his laminitis, about three years ago.

This horse already had trouble shoeing and could not go barefoot due to sensitive soles but when laminitis struck we needed a non invasive alternative which would also add further cushion and shock absorption.

We have used Glushu glue on horse shoes so many time in the past few years for many laminitic clients and have seen great success. This horse is fitted with Glushu glue on horse shoes with Glue-U padding.

The hooves have developed splendidly, and the posture has been optimized.

He loves his GluShu!

Please check out more of our work on our Facebook page and get in touch.”


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