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Owner Review: Glushu for thin walls and sensitive soles.

Big THANK YOU to Snappy and her human Ulrika for sharing how Glushu have helped her thin walled and sensitive hooves.

If you have a horse with tenderfeet and would like to try Glushu please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

From Ulrika:

“This is Snappy Kakkie a 22 year old American Quarter Horse. She is and has been a performance horse most of her life and is really good at it.

Some years ago, her feet started to trouble us (thin walls and sensitive soles) and our farrier (Mye Wester) and I started to look for a long term solution. Mye got in contact with her colleagues and one of them recommended Glushu.

We tried them on and my farrier got her work cut out for her for sure because you really have to be accurate and practice to learn the technique and get it right. And she did.

Snappy´s feet were allowed to grow and get healthy again and when I look at them now it is a big difference. So if you are thinking about giving Glushu a chance – do it.

People ask me if we will get back to the regular shoes now when the feet are so much better again, and my answer is No. We are in this long term and are sticking with Glushu.”

Photos courtesy of E. Johansson Wiss (summer) Billberg Photography (show).


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