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Owner Review: Glushu for when you cannot nail.

Thanks to Lex and his human Millie for sharing their Glushu story. We are so please we could help when nailing was not an option.

If you have a horse who needs extra support in their hooves please contact us to discuss how Glushu can help.

You can order Glushu from our online store or at your local farrier supply store.

From Millie:

"This is my dressage horse Lex. Unfortunately, Lex kept pulling his shoes off during the winter compromising his hoof wall. The pulling did so much damage to the wall that we couldn’t get a nail in without it being on the white line and he was very lame. I was gutted as he is super special.

I knew he couldn’t go barefoot so my excellent farrier suggested Glushu glue on horse shoes. My vet said that Glushu was the best option as they are non invasive and would not exacerbate his hoof problems and would offer support and cushion to allow his feet to grow.

With his Glushu on he is sound and super happy with his “horsey crocs”

I am so happy I found Glushu and would recommend them to anyone who cannot nail.”


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