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Owner Review: Mini Glushu for tiny tender feet.

Thanks to the gang at Mini Horse on Tour who shared these great photos of their horses using Mini Glushu.

To see more stories from these lovely horses please check out the Facebook page

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

“Hi, I have 4 American miniature horses (Belladonna 10, Star 10, Bacardi 7 and Ballerina 6). All of them have great hooves, but one of the mare's hoof walls is slightly sloping at the back. All of them are in Glushu for comfort.

I got to know Glushu a few years ago at the Equitana, where Glushu presented the mini Glushu.

We are now adept at fitting Glushu and find the process super easy. Glushu can be glued very quickly and they stick well.

Glushu are so gentle on the hooves compared to tradition shoeing and do not restrict hoof movement. This is especially good for the horses with tender feet. Glushu enables even the little ones to have no pain when walking on stones.

In addition to the benefits to my horses I find Glushu save me time and money compared to traditional shoeing.

I can totally recommend Glushu especially for tiny feet.”


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