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Owner Review: "Without Glushu we may have lost him."

Big thank you to Calypso and his human Lynda Field for sharing their Glushu story.

If you would like to try Glushu please or from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu glue on horse shoes please contact us

From Lynda Field:

“This is my lovely boy Calypso. He is a 8 year old Australian Stock Horse. He came to us 3 years ago, with pretty average feet. That said he is offset in his legs and his feet twist in, so getting them level with a good angle can be difficult.

Recently however his walls became very brittle and no longer withstood nails. His feet also became very oval and narrow. He was in full work, so barefoot was not an option.

I hosted a Glushu Clinic here a few years ago and learnt the process. As a farrier for almost 25 years now, I find this new way of hoof care fascinating and was keen to try Glushu on Calypso.

The process was relatively simple. A good clean dry surface to work with, swift work with the glue and the help of my husband they were fitted in no time. We ha also glued in frog inserts so after application I had to narrow up the shoe a bit to fit his foot. It was a warm day here in Australia so the glue set very quick which worked in our favour.

My horse was quite sore, and unsound prior to application, but after 2 days we were back riding him again and has been totally sound throughout. They have been on 8 weeks and are due to come off. I am keen to see how much wall he has grown, we will then decide if we do another cycle of Glushu or we nail on a heart bar instead to help with his cadual failure.

I highly recommend Glushu. Without Glushu it is not an exaggeration to say we may have lost him.”


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