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Update from Axe: Fantastic hoof improvement when using Glushu.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Axe and his human Brian for updating us on their Glushu progress. We are so pleased to see the improvement in Axe's hooves. Click here to see how their story began.

If your horse has problematic hooves and you would like to try Glushu please order from our online store or at your local Farrier supply.

From Brian:

"The first round of GluShu’s had been on for 5-weeks until they started showing signs of adhesive release at the cuff’s .

Picture of shoes after 5-weeks of normal wear.

At the urge of my wife, we set aside a Saturday to deal with it. The morning of the removal I inspected the hoof. I’m pleased to say that the shoes were nowhere near falling off and the release of the trim out glue on the cuff is what prompted my wife’s urgency.

I reluctantly began the removal of the 5-week old shoes. Let’s just say a sharp hoof knife is a friend when removing these shoes after properly gluing them on. A few quick hoof knife swipes and the rubber coated aluminum shoe base relented, although the cuff did not. I hogged off the rubber cuff with the hoof knife and finished the remaining rubber cuff/glue with a rasp file followed by the buffer. It was at this point that I thanked my wife for purchasing me the hoof buffer. The old adage “the proper tool for the job” was heard loud and clear! I then trimmed the hoof and buffed it.

Picture of hooves after 5-weeks of GluShu post removal and trimming.

You can see from the pictures above that Axe’s damaged left hoof wall (right hoof in frontal view picture) has improved tremendously! However, note to beginners like myself, do not neglect lightly trimming/shaping the frog. If you do it will lead to miss-alignment of the “centerline” mark of the GluShu, which will cause undesirable hoof wall growth. My error in trimming only proves the claim that GluShu will promote and encourage hoof wall growth.

If you look at Axe’s right hoof (left hoof in frontal view picture) the hoof wall grew “pigeon toed” because I was ignorant of the fact that the frog also requires trimming to get the proper “centerline” alignment of the GluShu! I’m not a farrier-I’m a person owned by a horse!

I will spare you 2 weeks of heartache, explanation, and learning pains. I’ll just keep it short and sweet, use glue-u or other equine specified acrylic adhesives as well as specified institutions for applying them!

Pictures of new GluShu’s put on today.

I can tell you that GluShu’s work! Even when applied by a total rookie!

Not only has Axe’s hoof wall growth been better than ever before but when his hoof has been bare his mobility has improved! Axe’s hooves have been bare, on and off, for the last 2 weeks due to my experimental adhesive and application exploits that I spared you from.

Axe and I are so happy that we found GluShu and we will be life long users of this product."


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