Farrier Review: Mini Glushu for sensitive feet.

Thanks to expert farrier Dries who was used Glushu to help out a lovely little horse. Please click here to find Dries on Facebook. If you would like to try Mini Glushu on your horse they are available now from the Glushu online store - click here. From Dries. "This little Guy is a 24-year-old gelding who is used for horse driving with his little humans. Usually barefoot, over the past few months, this horse has developed sensitive feet and has begun to struggle on hard surfaces.I have used Glushu on larger horses with great success and was delighted to see the Mini Glushu range released for Shetlands. This horse has been shod with the 85mm Mini Glushu. I always use the Fast Fix system when u

Farrier Review: Glushu for chronic laminitis.

Great Glushu work from expert farrier Tony who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with chronic laminitis. Tony is based in County Durham so if you are looking for a Glushu farrier in the North East of England please contact Tony direct. Details can be found on his Facebook Page here @tonythefarrier. Order Glushu for your horse in our online store here: Glushu Online Store. From Tony: "This is a horse that suffers from chronic laminitis. After the initial period of lameness and the application of Glushu’s she improved. However a second laminitic attack left her chronically lame. After consultations with the owner and her vet we decided on a bi lateral dorsal wall resection due

New Product: Mini Glushu for Shetlands.

After many requests for Glushu for small feet we are delighted to release our new Mini Glushu range. Mini Glushu have overcome the challenges in finding a small shoe for laminitic Shetland ponies. Glushu uses a lightweight aluminium shoe molded with a flexible cuff and using the most advanced acrylic glue provides a completely nail free horse shoeing solution that will last 6-12 weeks when applied professionally to a well prepared dust free, clean hoof. These non-invasive, lightweight shoes have an inside cushion which take any shock absorption and eliminate stress or damage to the horses hoof. Mini Glushu come in width sizes of 75mm, 85mm and 95nm. Order now from the Glushu online

Owner Review: Glushu for Eventing.

We have lots of horses all over the world using Glushu glue on horse shoes in competition. From dressage, to show jumping to barrel racing and endurance Glushu are fast becoming the preferred choice for equestrian competitor across the world. Order your Glushu today by visiting our online store here: Glushu Shop. From Heather Maxwell. "This is Patrick (AKA Aghagallon) who is now 12 years old. Patrick had an unfortunate start in life and was extremely nervous of humans which resulted in him being unridden until he was 10 years old. I am a strong believer in barefoot so when he started competing last year, I looked for a solution that would allow studs, provide grip and not be detrimental to h

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