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Poppy loves her Glushu!

Poppy has had her Glushus fitted and is already a much happier horse! She went lame originally in November and has been diagnosed with ligament damage and had been shod all the way through her recovery without any problems until she was re-shod 3 weeks ago. She went from being in light walking work and very happy to unable to move in any direction without severe discomfort. The blacksmith re visited her, checked her over and changed the shoe and she was slightly better then the vet attended a couple of days later and removed her front shoes to see if it would help. As she was trimmed to take a shoe and is very low on the heel as it is, she was very foot sore to compound her problems. After a few days her feet started to flake and crack (despite using all the recommended products) especially on her right foot (which was her good leg) and she was standing in the most awkward position pointing her left leg either out to her left or way out in front of her or just lying down. She had also started to turn her left foot in considerably since breaking down again and dishing from the shoulder on both front legs since having her shoes removed.To say she was miserable was an understatement! Emoji I was at my wits end! Mike my Farrier came and fitted her Glushus (thanks Mike for putting up with my anxieties-bless him) and there was an immediate positive improvement. Poppy walked happily out of the stable once both feet had been done (her ears were twitching back and forward as if figuring out what we had done to make her feel better) and even trotted up the field very comfortably when I turned her back out. She stood with both feet squarely underneath her and 24 hours on and she is no longer dishing and I have noticed she is not as turned in on her front left foot either. I am so impressed with the results so far. I am not sure if Poppy will ever completely recover from her tendon problems, I know that she is much happier now wearing her super Glushus. Everybody on the yard have commented on the immediate improvement in Poppy & how much happier she is in herself now. I have told everybody I know about these amazing shoes, I can't praise them enough. Julia & Poppy

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