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You can't keep a good horse down...

We are delighted to introduce you to our beautiful GLUSHU customer Fleur.

Fleur is a legacy horse, passed on after her owner sadly died. Fleur has been suffering with chronic laminitis, whereby here feet were covered in blisters and open wounds which heal very slowly. As such Fleur has been unable to walk and her future was looking very uncertain.

However since having her Glushu fitted Fleur is now up and about walking!!!!

Glushu acts a cushion for Fleurs feet so she is no longer in incapacitating pain and she has taken her first few tentative steps.

We have high hopes for Fleur and though it is early days we believe she will be back to her best in no time.

If you think GLUSHU could help your horse contact us or order direct from our online store.

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