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Linssi loves Glushu!

Thanks to Maria Franklin and Linssi for their Glushu review.

“ Linssi is a massive, 750 kg Finnish horse gelding. Linssi is currently 14 years old and has been ours for almost 10 years. At approximately 12 years old Linssi was found to be in far progressed hoof cartilage ossification. Linssi has always worn traditional horse shoes as her hoof soles were so soft barefoot was not an option. A few years ago we were with Linssi in a situation where Linssi could not use nailed shoes due to a pain in the hoof, unfortunately Linssi stumbled. Linssi could no longer ride. We had to find a solution to Linssi’s hoof problems. One evening we found and my husband and I got excited about Glushu. Linssi has now used Glushu continuously for 2 years. The change was instant as soon as Glushu were applied. Linssi is so much more comfortable and no longer has any problems moving. Linssi is no longer stumbling over the front legs and the front legs are no longer sore.

Linssi lives loose and for approx. 6 months in the summer on pasture, and about 2 months in the winter pasture. Linssi ridden approx. 6 times a week in the forests and fields. Linssi wears Glushu in all conditions.”

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