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Glushu saves the day for Alice and Naz.

Thanks to Alice Sweeney and her 7 year old horse Naz for their Glushu testimonial.

“I would like to say a huge thanks to Glushu and my excellent Farrier Stewart Gammage. This is Naz doing BE90 at BCA last month. We had a great round all thanks to the top care of my farrier.

Naz had pulled his shoe off 5 days before his competition so badly that we could not get a shoe back on. Stu has already shoed another of my horses with Glushu and advised Glushu would be an option for Naz.

The fitting process was completely stress free despite the problems resulting from the pulled shoe.

Naz has a tendency to stumble on lumpy ground and I have definitely noticed he is much more secure on his feet since being fitted with Glushu.

I would highly recommend both Glushu and Stewart Gammage.”

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