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Julia will never nail again thanks to Glushu.

An update from Julia and Poppy,

" I just wanted to thank John for his visit to Poppy & to Sue for all the help & support over the last year. This is a top product & I rave about it to all my horse friends.

My horse has good feet but she had tendon & ligament damage November 2014. She was recovering & had been shod without any problems since her diagnosis but suddenly went 'off' when the ground went dry, vet came, removed her shoes and she was so sore I wanted to cry for her (& did)! I made some slippers to help her and my quest started to find a solution on the web.

My search turned up Glushu and I am so relieved that I found them & tried them out-brilliant. They made my horse so much happier almost immediately and the improvement was noticeable day by day.

In the winter I went back to nail on shoes ( I don't know why I ever agreed to that though ) and as soon as the ground went hard & dry this summer-Poppy was lame again. Vet was called, we discussed her condition & she was put on Bute. My heart broken again but determine this was not it for her, I ordered another set of Glushu, on they went and I had a happy horse again . She was that much better, I dropped the Bute too.

I will be keeping her in them from now on! Not only do Glushu offer a brilliant product, they are very knowledgeable, so supportive and offer the best customer service ever!

You terrific, lovely people-thank you doesn't cover it but- a BIG THANK YOU from a happy Poppy & her happy human! XXX"

Poppy a very happy Glushu customer

To read the beginning of Julia and Poppys Glushu story please click here.

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