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Helping Darcy with more than troublesome hooves.

This is our Glushu customer Darcy who needed a bit of help with more than just his feet. Glushu had already helped Darcys poor hooves and now we were challenged to help a wound on his face.

From Marie Taylor:

“ A while ago Darcy fell over on a stump of wood and made a huge hole in his face. He has had extensive surgery and skin grafting but despite spending thousands of pounds the hole under his eye would not close. We also spent hundreds on fly masks which he kept losing or ripping which he needed to wear especially in summer because of flies.

With no solution the only option was to have the wound washed out every week and debris removed with tweezers.

It was whilst Darcy was having Glushus fitted I asked John if we could help design a plug for the hole.

John made the blue prototype which has now been in place for 4 weeks.It has worked a treat and will soon to be replaced with a black one to be a bit less conspicuous.

Darcy can now breathe properly through his nostrils instead of through the hole and his eye has stopped weeping.

We can’t thank Glushu enough. “

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