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British Skill at Arms Coach Glushu review.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Sam Wallace for this wonderful Glushu testimonial.

“ First of all I would like to say..WOW !!

I am a British Skill at Arms coach and have 8 horses and ponies here all competing. The GluShu has just sorted out my young prospect Tristan. He lost shoes every week. I even had my farrier out on the morning of a competition due to him pulling a shoe! Your product is just fantastic.

I am now using them on and older horse who has had problems with an arthritic hock. Treated and sound we have popped GluShu's on. This guy has won Royal Windsor International competitions and is one to keep going. He is 17yrs old having struggled with very sore front feet due to over loading to protect his hind, he has tripped etc but not now!! Thanks to Glushu he is back!!!

I am so happy and will continue to support GluShu!! Lots of my friends were waiting to see how I got on with they are using them...Well done guys!!! ”

Tristan wearing Glushu glue on horse shoes

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