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We have a Glushu baby on the way!

You may remember our Glushu friend Jasmine who was given a new lease of life when her Laminitis was eased using Glushu glue on horse shoes.

Jasmines owner Katie was a very strong advocate for barefoot riding when her vet said that Jasmine would need shoes as she had thin soles. She didn’t want to nail shoes on and had heard about Glushu so decided to give them a try.

She then suffered from laminitis for the 1st time last summer. Katie contacted us here at Glushu and we designed a special insert to offer the additional support Jasmine needed to make her comfortable again and aid her recovery. Jasmine came sound so Katie continued to use Glushu and the insert. The hoof walls are still nice and thick and the hoof balance remained unchanged.

Many people saw the video of Jasmine galloping round the field when she first had the Glushu fitted with the insert.

Jasmine was retired from eventing due to arthritis in her back at the age of 10 and is now awaiting the arrival of her first foal this summer – a very exciting time.

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