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Glushu saves a horses life!

Despite being launched more than 4 years ago and being used by hundreds of horses worldwide the amazing life changing effect of Glushu glue on horse shoes never fails to astound the staff and customers at Glushu Int.

In the case of Karin Elemans Glushu has literally saved her horse from almost certain death.

Please see Karins story below.

In June 2016 Karin bought her mare, she was wearing traditional nailed on shoes but they were proving to be stressful and painful to nail on. Karin removed the traditional shoes with the aim of leaving her mare barefoot. Unfortunately this led to lameness soon to be diagnosed with ossified cartilage. Karin found herself in an entirely catch 22 situation, her mare could not tolerate nails but at the same time her feet were so sensitive that she could not be barefoot either.

It was decided that non nailed shoes should be tried as a the better option. Many different brands of hoof shoes were used but none really worked. Further problems came in the winter and Karin found herself in a situation where euthanising her horse seemed to be a very real prospect.

We knew that the only solution was to put her in shoes, what was a disaster. Her hooves did so much that her entire body was painful. She developed sores that went septic and she didn't want to move anymore. Her hooves were given a break from shoes and she could just about walk. However she couldn't easily turn around her pain was visible to me.

In February she received an injury to her right behind knee. This meant she used her forelegs more, which means they got a lot of pain. She was eating in the pasture, she lost her joie de vivre and eventually she didn't even eat. She was in so much pain that put her down seemed the best option.

Searching desperately for a solution Karin found Glushu glue on horse shoes online. A quick appointment made and Karin was on her way to saving her horses life.

In May her Glushu were applied and what I saw was amazing. After fitting the Glushu under her most painful hoof, I saw relief in her eyes. When both the Glushus were on for the first time in months she just wanted to walk, walk, walk. She could immediately walk on the pavement with pebbles. She even trotted back if you asked and walked over to the other horses!

Since having her Glushu fitted Karin has taken her mare out on all kinds of terrain including ashphalt, stoney ground and woodland. No longer a tentative trotter she is running with the best of them.

“She's back to the enthusiastic, sweet, fanatical, cheerful, energetic and affectionate mare I know. We now are both enjoying our rides together. We are so happy with this great solution for her, we are now already a huge fan!”

Glushu are available worldwide. For more information or to purchase Glushu please go to

You can also find Glushu on Facebook at

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