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Glushu saves another horse!

Thank you so much to Sarah Lindsay for these wonderful pictures and a fantastic Glushu testimonial. It is wonderful to see we are a small part of bringing through the next generation of riders <3

From Sarah Lindsay

" I have a 31 year old TB that I have owned for 29 years. He almost had to be euthanized just because of his feet. They have always been bad but as he has aged they have become SO shelly, thin and cracked despite impeccable nutrition and care that he cannot hold a shoe whatsoever. We are in a catch 22 situation as he is dead lame with traditional shoes due to necessary nail placement and dead lame without them as he has such thin soles. He is so sore he will not move or even go to his food.

A few years ago we started with the only option on the market that did not glue to the sole. They bought him time and we alternated with boots when they fell off. We could not use them in the rainy fall / winter here in Seattle because the glue would not hold.

I have been following your product for a long time and ordered it in the US as soon as it was available.

They have been a lifesaver for him. They hold wonderfully even in the wet weather, cure faster than other glue on's and your I have experienced great customer service. We get about 6-8 weeks on the shoes and he immediately goes from dead lame to cantering around, it's pretty awesome.

He is very special to us, part of the family and even teaching my daughter to ride when his cool sneakers are on! "

Glushu review

Glushu review

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