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Another Glushu Winner: Nina Van Enckevort

Glushu are a new generation of “glue on horseshoes” that are taking the UK and Europe by storm and we are proud to be supporting the next generation of equestrian competitors with our sponsorship of youth rider Nina Van Enckevort.

Glushu are the future of horse shoeing so when we were considering sponsorship we knew we would be looking for a young rider who was also set for great things.

Nina has been using Glushu competitively in 2017, most recently winning “Juniors (1.20/1.25m) Against the Clock” at the Global Future Champions Event at Topps International Arena on stallion Darc du Rona Z.
Nina started riding at the age of four and she has been riding Darc du Rona Z since he was a young horse.

We know that as a bright young star of the future Nina is a fantastic ambassador for Glushu glue on horse shoes. She is already proving to be a winning competitive rider and we look forward to continuing our Glushu revolution with her on board.”

Glushu sponsors Nina Van Enckevoort

Glushu sponsors Nina Van Enckevoort

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