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Farrier Testimonial: Flat Feet Low Heels

Thanks to expert Glushu Farrier Roy Verocay from Glushu USA for this great Glushu review.

If your horse has flat feet or low heels click here to purchase Glushu today.

Roy Verocay:

"Not the best before picture as that's the client had but.....This mare had flared, flat feet with incredibly low heels and was always sore for at least a week after being shod by the previous farrier.

She has been in the Glushu for nearly a year and has thicker, straighter walls and was able to go down a size. Her soles have become more concave. She seems to be happy with them and hasn't taken a lame step since.

We are now battling a nice heel injury and trying to fix her lower heel. The front cuff has been cut so as to back the shoe.

Looking forward to seeing her progress!"

Glushu glue on horse shoes for horse with flat feet and low heels

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