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From Lame to leaping thanks to Glushu.

Thank you to Mo and her human Julia for this wonderful Glushu testimonial. Follow their journey on Facebook here - Julia and Mo while you are there be sure to drop our Glushu page a like too - Glushu Facebook

“ I am Julia and this is my Coldblood Mare Mo. Mo came into my life in 2015 and we live in Hamburg in Germany.

Glushu customer Julia and Mo

Mo is a pure leisure horse and we spend our days together at the stable on walks or accompanying friends during horse back and dressage lessons.

When I first took over care of Mo I knew her heels were already very short and steep. From 2015 to 2016 we lived in a place where her hooves could just about cope using hoof boots and occasionally traditional irons. In 2017 we moved to a new stable, Mo is now on a beautiful paddock trail with plenty of light, air and many other horses to play with. The new conditions, however, demanded a lot from her hooves. Very soon her already shorter hooves get shorter and shorter, so that in June 2017 she began to show pain for the first time.

I tried adhesive shoes from another company but they did not work for Mo as they kept falling off and the sizes were not right. So Mo ran several weeks without hoof protection over the paddock. This was too much for her health and severe lameness followed.

It is heartbreaking to see my beloved mare in so much pain so I quickly organised an appointment with our Vet to take radio graphs of the front feet. The diagnosis was in, the too short hooves had led to poor positioning of the joints a lowering of the coffin bone. In addition Mo was suffering from “hoof cartilage ossification” and will likely develop arthritis in the future.

This was all looking bad for Mo but fortunately I managed to get a quick appointment with Huf-Reha-Team to talk about Mo using glue on horse shoes.

Huf-Reha-Team are already working with Glushu and have many horses using them for many different reasons. Due to my previous experience with glue on horse shoes I was skeptical as to how good they would be.

I could not have been more wrong. Glushu were perfect for Mo’s problematic hooves. The size was no problem with Glushu (now have size 4, still far from the largest size produced .The shoeing process was a little difficult since my mare had great pain when lifting the hooves, but nothing compared to if I was nailing. Once the first GluShu was on the hoof, it was no longer an issue. We used a silicone sole on the right side along with the Glushu since there the pain was much larger than on the left side.

After about 1.5 hours everything was perfect and the GluShus were spot on. The next day my horse ran 1000 times better over the stable. All 4 hooves were in use and the laming was less visible. Also in recent days, a steady improvement was seen. She runs really well over the paddock with her GluShus and still everything sits firmly in place. I am confident that it will be better for Mo in the next few weeks and the hooves use the time to grow healthy.

I am so happy ! Mo is so much more comfortable and is back to her cheeky self.

Thank you GluShu for this great product!

best regards Julia and Mo from Hamburg"

Glushu customer Mo in her glue on horse shoes

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