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Walking on clouds - Glushu Glue on Horseshoes

Thanks to the gorgeous Jamal and his human Stephanie Peele for this fantastic Glushu review. A fear of nailing and sensitive feet lead Stephanie to Glushu. If you can relate please click here to order Glushu today.

From Stephanie:

"5☆ from me and another 10☆ from my horse Jamaal who now thinks he's walking on clouds!

Jamal has been barefoot for years as nailing on shoes was far too stressful for him (even whilst sedated). Unfortunately when barefoot he was unable to walk comfortably on rocky terrain and as such we just got on with things and managed by walking on grass while hacking etc. Last year I broke my ankle while out (there was some wire on the grass that I didn't see and Jamal got a fright resulting in me falling off) I knew we would have to find a solution to our exclusively walking on grass situation. After a little research I came across Glushu. I can honestly say they've answered all of our prayers!

Communication with Glushu was brilliant from start to finish, they were always at the end of a phone or Facebook message. I had been concerned about the shoeing process but was reassured as my farrier Connor McClain had experience using Glushu and the Glushu technician John also attended the fitting as an observer.

The fitting of them was fabulous and Jamal stood like a dream for my fantastic farrier Connor McLain. No loud hammering, no intrusive nails and most importantly no need for sedation. The whole process was very calm and stress free for both myself and Jamal.

Within hours of having them fitted we went out on our "maiden voyage" and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Jamal was sure footed and the cushioning effect of the Glushu was evident on roads and rough track.

I couldn't rate our whole experience and the long term benefits any higher.

Glushu are the way forward!"

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