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Glushu: White Line & Abscess case.

Fantastic results for this remedial case of a horse suffering from white line, abscesses and hoof deterioration. If your horse has problem feet please contact us to see if we can help.

Thanks to Simon Millar for this great Glushu journey video. Be sure to check out Hank and Simon on Facebook at Tartan Carriages of Gretna Green.

From Hanks owner Simon Millar

"Thank You Glu Shu, our Hanoverian Eventer Hank has always struggled to keep fronts on and had issues with narrow white line.

We were constantly struggling and glueing shoes on with a different product. Then trying to get a shoe on Hank caused a bind which developed into a huge abscess. Antibiotics & 4 weeks of poultice were causing his hoof to deteriorate.

Then I googled Glushu. I spoke to a lovely lady Sue & 2 months later Glushu gave us our horse back. But not just saved him but improved him. I recommend Glu Shu to anyone.

Simon & Zoe

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