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Glushu case: Abscess & White Line

Thanks to Sparta and Fiona Grieve for sharing their Glushu story with us.

If your horse is suffering from an abscess or white line please contact us to see how we can help.

From Horse Owner Fiona Grieve:

"Here are some pictures of Sparta. She had a foot abscess in the winter of 2015 that burst out along her coronary band. The hoof was damaged as it grew down - 1st photo is a year ago as the damaged area has grown half way down. 2nd photo was when my farrier altered a hind shoe for her foot - we needed to avoid nailing anywhere near the deficit.

Sparta before Glushu

June 2017. Further shoeing was not really possible and she now has white line disease that was making the hoof wall deficit even larger.

She is on her second set of Glushus now and I am pleased to say that the white line disease and hoof deficit is growing out well. Sparta is fully sound and being hacked out again happily!"

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