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Glushu Sponsored Rider Katie Roberts

Glushu are delighted to introduce our Sponsored dressage rider Katie Roberts and her handsome horse, Gazelle.

Katie grew up in West Pelton, she started riding at the age of 8 and her father, a veterinarian, bought her first horse when she was 11 years old. She has been riding for 25 years. She stables her horses locally and visits them twice a day every day. Gazelle enters dressage competitions locally in Durham and is hoping to move up the levels. She is also showing and has just started jumping.

If you would like to speak to us about sponsorship please email

From Katie Roberts:

“I previously had my horses barefoot but was finding that during the summer months my gelding, Gazelle, was getting a little footy on the hard ground at shows. I did not want to turn to traditional shoes as it would undo all the hard work I'd done getting my lads feet in great shape. I knew due to competition guidelines you can't compete in hoof boots, and not wanting to give up competition, I had to find an alternative.

My horse’s breeder told me that Glushu a new range of “glue on horseshoes” were looking for a horse to sponsor, and to trial their new products. I got in touch with them and they were keen to support me and my horse on our journey.

Glushu's appealed to me as unlike traditional shoes there is no nailing involved which can damage and weaken the hoof walls, nailing can also allow bacteria/fungi to invade the hoof causing white line disease. I also find that I have superior grip on roads when hacking out and never slip or slide on hills and smooth surfaces. I have now been using Glushu's for 3 years, I'm pleased to say Gazelles hooves still look as great as they did when they were barefoot if not better, when I bought him he had toe cracks that I was told by a Farrier would probably never grow out, they are now barely visible. He now strides out confidently, even on hard ground.

In addition to kitting us out in our Glushu colours for competitions, Glushu sponsorship also includes Glushu shoes for Gazelle. Whilst his Glushu generate a lot of questions from other horse owners we have never had a problem in terms of contravening competition shoeing guidelines. We have competed in showing, dressage, show jumping and have been cross country schooling.

I am certain there are many people who are in the same situation as myself, with a horse that needs extra support in competition, but rules prohibit the wear of boots. To them I say give Glushu a try.

My Glushu's have never let me down and if it were not for them Gazelle and I would have had to give up our love of competition.”

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