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Horn Capsule Reconstruction with Glushu.

Great work from our friends at Huf-Reha-Team who have used Glushu glue on horse shoes to stabalise the foot of a horse undergoing hoof reconstruction. Check them out on Facebook and at

From Huf Reha Team:

"We were so pleased to be able to help a horse who needed their hoof reconstructed.

The horse had hollow walls and the infection in his hoof could not have been disinfected nor removed by means of hoof baths - as such the hoof was cut away. The hoof was disinfected and it grew healthy. He had been in the box with bandage for two months - it just takes a long time to regrow. The owner asked if the hoof could be rebuilt functionally, so that the horse can lead a normal life again she came to us.

14th January 2018

We were able to reconstruct the horn capsule (in over five hours of reconstruction) and stabilize it with a GluShu."

9th March 2018

We changed the GluShu on 9th March. It is amazing how much faster a hoof grows when defective! The horse was trained after the horn capsule construction and worked great until in the last two weeks. The hoof was growing so fast it was a hindrance. Here are a few photos of the development. The hoof has not grown out completely, so we stabilized the body again using Glushu.

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