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1st place for Kong: Glushu Endurance Winner.

Thanks to Cameron Holzer and Kong for this fantastic review of Glushu glue on horse shoes for Endurance riding.

Reasons to use Glushu for Endurance:

1. Stickability - Glushu will not come off en route.

2. Easy application.

3. Non Invasive - no need to worry about injury or infection when shoeing on the go.

4. Shock Absorbing - keep comfortable on long journeys.

5. All terrain including snow and water.

"Kong is an awesome horse. Once in a lifetime horse. Kong is an active Endurance racing competitor. He has 1225 miles in 5 seasons of endurance with 11 wins and 17 BCs. Both my fastest 50 and fastest 100 have been with him. 3:45 50 and 9:03 100. Extra protection for hooves is essential for us in Endurance racing, barefoot was simply not an option.

endurance riding in Glushu glue on horse shoes

Unfortunately Kong has never been totally comfortable in nail on shoes, I tried aluminium, steel, and plastics. As such I used glue on boots for a couple seasons but had issues with them on the longer distances. I could not find a glue boot where the glue did not loosen causing the boots to fall off mid-competition. So I was still looking for something else to try with him.

A friend, Fernando, told me about Glushu glue on horse shoes and how much he liked using them for the Uruguay Endurance Team. Fernando told me his horse was so much more comfortable in the Glushu shoes and how well they performed over long distances. That was enough for me to want to try it.

I ordered a full set of Glushu and glued them on for my next race. Roy from Worldwide Farrier Supply assured me that if Glushu are applied properly they would not fall off. He was nice enough to send his colleague Anika to teach me the best practice for applying Glushu myself. I was already familiar with glue ons just not these shoes in particular and although the process for applying Glushu is very straight forward I wanted to ensure I was using them to their maximum potential.

In my race I won 1st place, BC and High Vet Score!!! Each loop my horse got more and more comfortable in the Glushu. Most importantly they did not fall off! I have now left the Glushu on for training because the weather is very dry and the ground is hard. There is no doubt about it Kong has continued to improve whilst wearing Glushu.

I am looking forward to using them on him at the World Equestrian Games in September.

Cameron Holzer."

endurance riding in Glushu glue on horse shoes

endurance riding in Glushu glue on horse shoes

endurance riding in Glushu glue on horse shoes

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