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Glushu Case: Laminitis - Dartmoor pony Summer.

Thanks to Summer and her human Annie Graham for sharing their Glushu story.

If your horse has laminitis please click here to see how Glushu glue on horse shoes can help. If you would like to discuss your horse with us direct please contact us here.

From horse owner Annie Graham.

"This is Summer my Dartmoor pony. Much to my sadness she first developed laminitis 2 years ago. She recovered after treatment but unfortunately she relapsed back into laminitis in November 2017. For the past 9 month we have been treating her with anti inflammatory drugs, she has been on and off Bute but it was not a solution. We struggled so much my vet said for her benefit we may need to look at her quality of life. I was devastated. Summer is last of wee herd we had 5 years ago so Summer means world to me (and she knows it). I was determined to fight for her.

I contacted expert farrier Stephen Gardiner to work on her feet. After trims, her last lot X-rays showed improvement in her feet but still needed support. Stephen suggested Glushu glue on horse shoes and their frog support. Stephen has used these on lots of horses with problematic feet and was certain Glushu could help.

Today the 11th June 2017 we fitted Summers Glushu. I was astounded! It was instantly obvious that thanks to Glushu Summer has started a new chapter of comfort. From a horse that limped around the yard due to the pain of laminitis she was now trotting!!! I could not believe what I was seeing.

On 4th June she took a kick to shoulder. You can see in the before video how uncomfortable she is on her left side, but look at difference on the after video. The shock absorption provided by Glushu has even helped this.

The fitting was so calm and easy, no noisy hammering and no knocking at hooves. After the first Glushu was on she was actually falling asleep and cuddling in to me, the other shoes were a doddle to put on. I took that as thank you mum. I have cried with happiness a few times today especially watching her come in tonight.

I can’t recommend Glushu products nor the company enough. Glushu usually start from size 4” however Summer is only 3 and half. No problem! Glushu designer John Wright modified the smallest size to custom fit Summer. Glushu certainly go above and beyond and are clearly dedicated to helping horses.

The main thing I want to say is if you have a pony or horse with tender feet or laminitis give Glushu a try. Don’t waste more time thinking if your pony needs them just buy them. Glushu are best purchase I’ve ever bought for my horses."

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