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Glushu Farrier Review with modification and application video.

Thanks to expert Farrier Pascal Wick for this brilliant Glushu review and application video.

You can find Pascal on Facebook and at his website

From farrier Pascal Wick.

“This is Tito. He is a youthful 29 year old gelding. Titos owner contacted me as he had had turned lame. As soon as I saw his feet it was obvious to me that his numerous hoof problems and lameness was a result of a previous poor hoof treatment. I could see that the horse had been over trimmed as much of the foot and sole had been cut away.

I have used Glushu glue on horse shoes on many different horses and I knew that they would be the perfect solution for Tito.

I am delighted to report Tito is now completely sound and runs super smooth in his Glushu.

Lame horse in Glushu glue on horse shoes

Lame horse in Glushu glue on horse shoes

I would certainly recommend Glushu to anyone with problematic hooves similar to Tito.

Glushu are simple to modify and fit. Please see my video below.“

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