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Update on Koop - 6 Months of Glushu

You may remember our Gentle Giant Koop from our Horse Diaries earlier this year. He has very poor feet due to deformities in his coronet band causing grooves, which had weakened the horn. He is only 8 years. His feet were app 9.5 inches. With nothing catering for larger horses we custom made extra large shoes for Koop.

Here is the latest update from his human Linda Cox. To see Koops full story so far please click here.

"Hi Guys, a quick update on Koop 6 months down the line.

As you can probably work out the near front is great. The fore however was more trying. My farrier Alex found an abscess on the very tip of the hoof so back to poultice.

We have had problems with Koops hooves for 3 years. We started with Glushu in January 2018 and have made more progress in the last 6 months than we had in the previous 2 years.

Amazing results so far. His hooves are now getting down to a proper size 8.5-9 inches lol

We will keep you updated."

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