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Update on Koop: 9 months of Glushu.

This is our Gentle Giant Koop from our Horse Diaries. He has very poor feet due to deformities in his coronet band causing grooves, which had weakened the horn. He is only 8 years. His feet were app 9.5 inches. With nothing catering for larger horses we custom made extra large shoes for Koop.

If you are looking for Glushu for your horse and your size is not listed in our size chart here, please get in touch

Here is the latest update from his human Linda Cox. To see Koops full story so far please click here.

Pictures and statement from owner Linda Cox.

"Koop and his funky orange Glushus! I can’t believe the difference they have made. They have literally changed his life. We cannot thank Glushu enough.”

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