Glushu for horses that cannot nail a shoe.

Thanks to Lavinda and her human Sara Radic for sharing their Glushu story.

We have many customers across the world with horses who have sensitive feet. The unique design of Glushu offers a cushion for sore feet making the horse more comfortable when walking on any terrain. Glushu are an all weather shoe including frozen or snowy conditions. If you would like to try Glushu for your tender footed horse please contact us or purchase now from our online store.

From Sara Radic:

"Hi my name is Sara and this is my 15 year old coldblood trotter Lavinda.

Horse with sensitive feet using glushu glue on horse shoes.

We have used various glue on shoes for Lavinda for about 3 years now as her hooves are so sensitive she cannot tolerate a nailed on shoe. She has very little sync in her front hooves and because of this she suffers with poor hoof quality and thin soles. The front hooves often crack resulting in separations. Glue on shoes have very much been our savior.

We have used many different types of glue on horse shoes and are now using Glushu. They are very easy to fit and can be combined with studs which are especially usefully in our very snowy Winter in Norway.

Horse with sensitive feet using glushu glue on horse shoes.