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Farrier review: Laminitis & Whiteline.

Thanks to Oswald Farrier Service for this great review of Glushu glue on horse shoes. If you are in the USA and are looking for Glushu please contact Chris on Facebook at

From Farrier Chris Oswald.

“We have just discovered Glushu glue on horseshoes and we think this will be a game changer for many of our horses with problematic hooves. Glushu is a great way to go when nailing on a shoe isn’t an option due to laminitis or cracked hooves.

Please see picture below of my latest work. This horse is a chronic founder laminitis/white line disease case that Dr. Paul Daniels and I have been working on for the past two years together. We decided that I would modify the Glushu by cutting the toe cuff out, so that I could apply the shoe with an open toe.

Following application the horse was much more comfortable with seemingly no pain. We hope this horse will now be well on the way to recovery.

I highly recommend the Glushu to anyone needing a glue on product! This horse is now comfortable and on the road to recovery!”

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