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Farrier Case Study: Glushu for Ringbone.

Thank you to expert farrier Charles who has shared his experience of using Glushu for a horse with ringbone problems.

Glushu can be used in may remedial situations including laminitis, whiteline and cracked hooves. If you would like to discuss how Glushu can help your horse please contact us.

From Farrier Charles.

“This was a case where the horse has ringbone and had previously had her shoes removed and was on/off lame in the time she was barefoot. Between the horse owner and I we decided to give Glushu a try and with the help of John, from Glushu, who made a special rocker pad to be attached to the bottom of the standard Glushu.

The main aim was to reduce the pressure of the arthritic joint with the rocker pad, by allowing the foot to breakover and land easily, and to reduce the concussion through the foot/joint. The rubber of the Glushu provides shock absorption to minimise concussion. In addition wh have injected a soft pad material in between the pad and the sole/frog to further reduce the concussion travelling into the arthritic ringbone affected joints.

We are all very impressed by the immediate results we saw as soon as the horse walked off, she was much more confident and the rocker pad made it so much easier for her to place her foot and breakover.

Overall I was very impressed with the Glushus, the application process and the help from Glushu in manufacturing bespoke pads, will definitely recommend in future.

If you are looking for an experienced Glushu farrier in the Tyne and Wear area please give me a call 07727 727207.or message me on my facebook page @charles farrier.”

glushu for ring bone

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