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Long distance riding in Glushu glue on horseshoes.

Thanks to Otis and his human Steffi for sharing their Glushu story.

Reasons to use Glushu for Endurance:

1. Stickability - Glushu will not come off en route.

2. Easy application.

3. Non Invasive - no need to worry about injury or infection when shoeing on the go.

4. Shock Absorbing - keep comfortable on long journeys.

5. All terrain including snow and water.

From Steffi.

"This is my fabulous Norweigian Otis. Last year Otis had lots of problems with holding on traditional shoes. I needed quick help and Esther and Elmar had the answer, GluShu!

Esther and Elmer are expert farriers and are very experienced with Glushu so I was happy to give them a try. The shoeing was very quick and easy for Otis.

We travel many kilometres in Glushu and are so impressed. Comfort is so important for Otis when travelling and Glushu provide a fantastic cushion for his hooves.

The Glushus work very good in all terrains. In the mountains, on slippery stones, in the water and very important, in the deep slobber.

I have never lost a GluShu in the terrain, I am very happy. I can 100% recommend Glushu!

Best wishes,


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