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Glushu for hoof bone rotation. Video.

Thank you to Mis Marple and her human Ramona for this fantastic Glushu review. That before and after video is amazing. The difference Glushu has made is unbelievable. The Glushu cushion and shock absorption can help any horse with sore feet.

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store here: . We deliver worldwide.

From Ramona:

“This is my horse Miss Marple and she is 14 years old!

Unfortunately, Miss Marple has a number of hoof problems. The most serious was she had very bad hoof bone rotation which almost broke through! Her problems were exacerbated from using nailed on shoes.

I knew traditional nailing was not going to work for Miss Marple and she could not go barefoot so I started to look at alternatives! I searched online and I found expert Glushu farrier Ulrich Gerusel. His facebook page and website are very informative so I immediately made an appointment.

Ulrich came to visit us Glushu at the ready. Dealing with Miss Marples feet was difficult as she is so sore she cannot stand on 3 legs. However, we found the shoeing process super gentle and very fast, so this was not as much of an issue as it had been when nailing.

The effect of Glushu was immediate. My horse went from almost completely lame to up and about with out any sign of discomfort at all. Her hooves are continuing to get stronger and healthier with excellent growth.

My before and after video below speaks for itself regarding the results of Glushu for my horse.

We have recently change Miss Marples stall for the winter and it is very deep snow here. The Glushu have seen no adverse effect despite the constant moisture – Glushu are bombproof!

I would 100% recommend Glushu to anyone who wants to avoid nailing.

Ramona Tölke”

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