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Farrier Report: Glushu for laminitis.

Big thanks to Esther Munter and everyone at Huf Reha Team for reporting on a laminitic mare they have helped using Glushu glue on horse shoes. To find out more about how Glushu helps with laminitis please click here: Laminitis.

If you have a laminitic and would like to try Glushu, please click here to order today from our online store: . We ship world wide.

“Hi, we are writing to you regarding Klarchen who came to us when she was completely lame. Further investigation showed that she had pulsation ie. acute laminitis. We made her wedges and the owners cooled the hooves with crushed ice.

After 10 days X-rays were taken and we fitted Glushu. We have used Glushu on many laminitic horses over the past few years with great success so knew they would really help this horse. What we particulary like about Glushu is how easy they are to modify to suit the situation you are dealing with. They are also great for incorporating pads, wedges etc.

The video below shows immediately before the Glushu were fitted and immediately after to give you an idea of how instantaneous the Glushu effect is for cushioning the hoof.

We have seen a fantastic improvement in this horse. She has gone from lame to the point where she is trying to gallop (tricky for the owner as she is only allowed to walk for the next few weeks).

To see more of our work with Glushu please check out our website or our facebook page.



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