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Farrier Report: Glushu for hoof bone rotation.

Big thank you to expert farrier Pacsal Wick for sharing his experience using Glushu on a foal who was lame due to hoof bone rotation.

If you think your horse could benefit from Glushu glue on horse shoes order today from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you would like to discuss your horses hoof condition and how Glushu can help please get in touch

From Pascal;

“This 5 month foal is my latest client. Unfortunately the clinic diagnosed him with “hoof bone rotation due to malposition”. The foal was crippled on both front hooves and started to tip over when rolling on the left front hoof.

I have used Glushu a lot in the past and knew that they would help with this little foal. Together with the TA, we decided on a slight toe extension in conduction with Glushu.

Glushu are easy to fit and are perfect for sensitive feet and tricky conditions.

This foal is already showing much improvement.

I 100% recommend Glushu.

Please check out my Facebook page here to see more of my work.”

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