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Farrier Report: Glushu for nervous lame horse.

Thank you to expert farrier Sarah Logie for sharing her experience of using Glushu on her client Bella.

If you are a farrier who is struggling with a tricky case and would like to try Glushu order today from our online store or at your local farrier supply store.

From Sarah Logie.

"Bella an 8yr old Connemara mare was referred to me in 2018 for a forelimb lameness. It was noted at the time that she was a 'shiverer' and although it had appeared quite late as a 4/5 yr old she was able to work happily. It was also noticed that as the front end improved, she shivered less.

In 2019 her original farrier fell ill and was unable to continue with her hind end so I then shod her all round. We got on okay as long as she could 'volunteer' which hind leg was 'ready' for her to lift and she was honest and kind to work on although the shivering started to get progressively more noticeable and distressing for her - nailing on triggered a massive spasm regularly.

This summer (now aged 10) it became dangerous to shoe her behind and between that and her obvious distress we decided to try her unshod behind as she had quite good quality of horn and the owner was prepared to adjust management and environment to help her adapt.

She could not cope at all, was extremely lame and the shivers became very severe. The owner did everything possible to try maintain some turnout and general quality of life but the mare was extremely distressed and so we started to look at glue on options.

My concern before had been the time required to get a good bond with a shoe before she shivered and took the foot back (seconds) on the recommendation of another farrier in the area I tried the GluShu with the fast fix .

I was very impressed with the fit and ease of application (as was Bella) and once she relaxed and no concussion occurred, she was back to offering a foot to me. The owner reported that it took her 10 days to 2 wks to recover to where she had been prior to taking the shoes off, but then continued to improve to the 'best she had ever been'.

She is now in her second pair and again the application was easy fast and from my point of view safe.

Thank you GluShu this product has allowed us to safely continue with a horse who loves her work and is now so comfortable she is happily jumping out of her field to get to the better grass!!!

Sarah Logie FWCF."

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